AKARA |Fried mashed beans balls

TUNA PIE | Baked tuna pie. Minimum 20 pies

MEAT PIE | Oven baked meat pie. Minimum 20 pies

NEM | Veggies and shrimp rolled in rice paper and deep-fried.

PLANTAIN CHIPS | Oval-shaped plantain chips. Choice of green or yellow.

BOFROT | Crispy on the outside, chewy inside. Deep fried dough based snack.


ATTIEKE | Steamed grated cassava. Half Tray || $20

ALLOCO | Finely cut fried plantains. Half Tray || $20

BOILED PLANTAIN | Half Tray || $15

WHITE RICE | Perfectly fluffy and tender long-grain rice. Half Tray || $15

COCONUT RICE | Rice cooked in coconut milk and other spices. Half Tray || $20

PLACALI | Cooked cassava dough balls. Half Tray || $20

BANKU | Cooked Fermented corn and cassava dough. Half tray || $20

AKASSA | Cooked maize flour. Half Tray || $20

ABLO | Mix of cooked maize, cornmeal, rice flour || $20

GA KENKEY | Cooked fermented maize dumplings. Half Tray || $20

FOUFOU | Yellow plantain balls, palm oil. Half Tray || $20

FOUTOU | Cooked yam and plantain flour. Half Tray || $20


CHIN CHIN | Crunchy snack square shaped and deep fried 

PEANUT BRITTLE| Hard sugar candy embedded in peanut pieces

CACAHUETE| Crunchy sugar-coated peanuts

COCONUT TOFFEE | Caramelized shredded coconut balls

RICE PUDDING| Creamy rice pudding topped with burnt sugar. Served cold

TAPIOCA PUDDING | Creamy tapioca pudding topped with burnt sugar. Served cold

PLANTAIN CHIPS | Crunchy plantain chips. Choice of green or yellow

DEGUE | Millet, yogurt, milk, and other ingredients


GRILLED TILAPIA | 2 Whole Tilapia, Attieke, tomatoes, onions, spicy tomato stew, spices. || $50

ATTIEKE POISSON FUMEE | 3 Whole smoked Mackerel, Attieke, seasoned onions, tomatoes, peppers, spicy tomato stew. 2 Half Trays || $50

THIEBOUDIENNE | Fish, rice, carrots, cabbage, yucca root, eggp-lant, lime, okra. Half Tray || $50

CHOUKOUYA | Braised goat, onions, peppers, kan kan kan spice, kani sauce. Half Tray || $50

WAATCHE | Rice & beans, spaghetti, tomato stew, shito, choice of beef skewers or fried tilapia. Half Tray || $50

WAATCHE PLATTER | Rice & beans, spaghetti, fried plantains, gari foto, tomato stew, shito, beef skewers, fried tilapia, romaine lettuce, boiled eggs. 2 Half Trays || $75

OKRA STEW | Okra, palm oil, fresh spinach, crabs, smoked macquerel, spices. Half  Tray || $40

EGGPLANT SOUP | Eggplant, akpi, smoked fish, bone-in-beef, spices. Half Tray || $40

EGUSI SOUP | Spinach, egusi, palm oil, beef tripe, spices. Half Tray || $40

PALMNUT SOUP | Palmnut fruit juice, smoked fish, crabs, okra, spices. Half Tray || $40

PEPPER SOUP | Goat, goat skin, spices || $40

SUYA | Spicy grilled meat on skewers. Choice of chicken or beef. Half Tray || $50

FRIED FISH | Fried croaker, tomato puree, onions, shito, peppers. Half Tray || $40


DEGUE | Millet, yogurt, milk, and other ingredients

GINGER JUICE | Ginger, pineapple, lemon, and other ingredients

BISSAP JUICE | Hibiscuis flower, pineapple, mint, and other ingredients